Conceptual Rebranding Project
For this project I was asked to Re-brand A musical artist or Band that I love and they want me to art direct their new look, Design their new look, and include assets they can use for print such as billboards, album covers and/or vinyl designs, and social pages introducing the artist's new direction.

I chose Khruangbin  for this project because I discovered the Band in early 2020 and from there their single                   "time you and I" became one of my mantras. however, throughout the process of research I completely fall in love with their style.

Creative Process
 main concept: Disco Break through in to the new digital era 
 colors:  Purple is predominantly used in the band's Image
Materials: Purple cardboard, Orange cardboard, two sets of lights, tripod, a phone and adhesive Glitter  

Instagram Post 
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