How about Hotdogs?
You May see a RCA cable...
I see Mayo, Ketchup and Mustard.
Main Idea comes from A childhood memory, I used to Play with RCA cables a lot and ever since it looked to me like Mayo , Ketchup and Mustard. So I though, I should make hotdogs sometime.  for this project I used a brand new RCA cable I found in my house . About aesthetics, I worked out the mix between minimalistic and raw again for this one because I want to show you that if you ran out of sauce a RCA cable can help. For Equipment, I used 1 light set, golden reflector, natural light and no flash . how about Budget? I spent Approximately $3 dollars getting Sausages and bread. I used Mayo, ketchup and Mustard from my fridge 0$ and $0.99 orange cardboard.
End up pretty retro!
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