This project of Conceptual Photography was inspired in Culinary Art,
Transforming ordinary objects and textures into special aesthetic dishes.     
Take a delicious visual bite!
 Vans looks cool off the wall but looks delicious on the plate 

 Main Idea comes from Every time I see a brand new vans sole I think of delicious breakfast. for this project I used my favorite yellow vans, I cleaned and they looked brand new . About aesthetics, I was looking for something in between minimalistic and raw at the same time, I wanted the shoe to be a shoe but in a way you probably haven't seen it before. For Equipment, I used 3 light set and no flash . how about Budget? I spent Approximately $2 dollars getting the plate , a fork and a knife. I used butter and syrup from my fridge 0$ and $1.25 pink cardboard.
Would you bite the sole? 
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